About Us

The History of Hum

 GlennimageThere is a widespread depletion of key trace minerals from most agricultural soils around the World and that supplementation of key nutrients is essential to human health, with this in mind, Hum was developed with a range of naturally fermented organic vitamin & mineral supplements which are key to our health. Hum is a cordial based on fermented herbs and honey & apple cider vinegar.

Each of these ingredients alone are wonderful food supplements, but taken together there is an even greater synergy. The unique fermentation method used to make Hum converts the herbs & honey into a highly bio-available form that is easily taken by anyone in a delicious drink, consumed alone or mixed.

Hum may be a wonderful tonic for active energetic people or busy workers or parents. An additional aspect of Hum is that it may be the most ideal product on the market for hangovers!!