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Once ready for manufacturing, Hum is a naturally fermented health food cordial, that can be taken daily in water or juice to instantly improve the quality of your diet. Hum contains rich natural ingredients from land and sea that are natures fortified sources of essential trace minerals and vitamins all in organic plant derived form.

Due to industrialised agriculture and the globalisation of the food chain along with depletion of our modern from soils, it is increasingly difficult to source foods that are not deficient in some minerals and vitamins.

As well, the frenetic taste of modem life can make it challenging for people to grow their own food or even shop and cook properly. Hum is a simple natural solution to this problem, and provides over 60 minerals including… selenium, iodine, zinc, copper and iron.

Along with vitamin A, and E and B group vitamins in a delicious drink. It can be readily taken by children and the elderly or those undergoing hard physical work or sports training, or those travelling or living in conditions where their diet my be compromised.

We hope to be bring you this exciting product in coming months. Watch this space…..

A daily dose of hum with provide many, missing nutrients and is an instant pick up both physically and mentally and contributes to long term wellness.